Meaning of the festival

Košice International Monthly Film Festival
is a festival with live screenings once a month. Our festival is a brilliant opportunity to participate in international competition.

The films of the Official selection and the winners will be selected each month, so the filmmakers will know about jury’s decision very quickly.

Each "Film of the month" (except feature film) will be screened live in front of a live audience in Košice.

Winners will be announced on our website and social media pages every month.
Take the experience with Košice International Monthly Film Festival and your film will has a chance:
– to be chosen in Official selection
– to be a winner in one of the categories
– to be screened at the festival event

The mission of our festival is to introduce audience with the filmmakers from over the world and to open the new names.
The festival has the following structure:
1. The selection of films: we see all submitted films.
2. Selected films will receive the status of finalists of the month.
3. The jury selects winners of the month.
“Films of the month” (only short films) will be shown in Košice, Slovakia.
4. TOP films each category will be screened live in front of an audience in Košice, in May.