1. How many films will be screened at the festival?
During three festival days will be screened more than 50 films.

2. Which films will you present at the Annual Ceremony?
In Annual Ceremony, we be screened 4-6 short films.

3. Which movies are in the main category?
Feature Film, Feature Documentary, Short Film, Short Documentary, Super Short Film, Student Film, Short Script, Feature Script, Slovak Short Film, Best Animation, Best Music Video, Best Experimental

4. Am I the winner of the monthly category if I won second place in any of the main categories?
No. The winner is only the film that won 1st place.

If I win one of the subcategories, will my film be screened during the 3 days of the festival?
We cannot guarantee this. However, we will be thinking about adding your film to the screening.
With 100 percent certainty, we will be able to tell you 2 months before the annual ceremony.

6. How do I prove myself before entering the cinema?
After paying the payment
(VIP Pass/Plus Pass/Gala Pass), you will receive from us a festival card (jpg). Carry this card with your name everywhere.

7. What happens if I lose my festival card?
At the entrance to the cinema, you will tell the hostesses your name. They then check it in a letter and you can go to the cinema.

8. Where can I buy a festival card?
At our website: