Used and Borrowed Time

Director: Sophia Romma (USA)

Set during the turbulent 1960’s, in segregated Alabama and based on a lamentably sadistic racist incident in American history--an aging eccentric actress is phantasmagorically transported to her past as she relives the tyranny unleashed by a perverted, merciless white supremacist family; witnessing the clan raging a vengeful retaliation upon her ill-fated love affair with a poetic African American civil rights advocate.

"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal"

Director: Robin Phillips (USA)

Happy Birthday, My Love

Director: Jana N (Czech Republic/Slovakia)

Why We Are Unhappy in Cities

Director: Zhao Gang (China)

A Castle in Umbria

Director: Terry Ross (USA)

Velvet Farewell

Director:  Micheal Eastman (USA)


Director:  Fábio Brandão (Brazil)

Dear Grandma and Grandpa: A Quarantine Story

Director:  Sophia Featherstone (United Kingdom)

The Morgenstern & Boyd Trilogy

Director:  Fritz Aigner  &  Andreas Kaltenböck (Austria)


Director:  Feriele Beggour (France)

Finding Chi

Director: Alexander Johnson

Thoughts Out Of Season

Director: Sibi Sekar (India)

BENEATH - A Cave Horror Film

Director: JJ Perez (USA)

The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Director: Dawn Gifford Engle

The Light Thief

Director: Eva Daoud (Spain)

The Doors Between Us

Director: Maximillian Aguiar (USA)

Follow The Arrow

Director: Marc Saez (France)

The Role Of  A Lifetime

Director: Marc Saez (France)

M Like Mobius

Director: Franak Moradi (Iran)


Director:  Filipe Piteira (Portugal)