Chelsea Murphy

American Actress

1. Your film is entered in our Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. What is your film about?

Our film is about a young couple that is struggling to let go of their old situation and trying to navigate moving on without each other.

2. What are your ambitions with your project?

I originally wrote Okay Tomorrow to be a stage play for a one act festival so when we made the move to transfer to film and going over the shot list I realized there was no need for any actual cuts which is when we made the choice to make it one long shot.

3. How was the shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?

Shooting 8 minutes in one take is as wild as it sounds. We rehearsed like a dance, everyone needed to know exactly where to go and when --from the actors to the boom operator and everyone in-between. Acting in the film was another element. Reliving those high stake emotions again and again took a toll. After we wrapped my co star Ekin and I joked that we would be craving filming comedies for a while. We both slept basically the whole next day from being emotionally drained but it was so rewarding to complete.

4. For what target group is your film?

I think this film can be beneficial to anyone--however there is some swearing so I would say an older age group. If I could go back and change the script now I do think I would take out the swear words so it could be viewed by younger audiences.

5. Why should distributors buy your film?

What's so great about "Okay Tomorrow" is its one of those films that teaches you life lessons without noticing and those are my favorite kinds.

6. How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?

It is a drama in the highest since. Typically when writing dramas I throw a little more comedy in there but this one is much more serious. I wanted to give the feeling of something being not quite right and comedic lines would have made it more comfortable for the audience.

7. Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?

I've been obsessed with story telling for as long as I can remember and the process of telling the same story in different platforms fascinates me. For example how will a novel transfer to a film? How with this film transfer to a musical--and keep the same heart of the theme and plot points of the story.
Different platforms have different benefits and I love seeing how they are used to get their point across and make people feel and allow people to get lost in the story. Filmmaking is a great way to story tell. On this particular short I gave up directing reigns to the talented Tyler Chadney. As the screenwriter I felt too close to home to direct the film and asked Tyler if he was up for the challenge. Also since I was acting in the film I wanted to be able to focus on the reality of the story so I'm very thankful for Tyler for leading us through the rehearsal and filming process and also for stepping up to the challenge of the "one take!"

8. Who is your greatest role model?

Mona Lisa Vito

9. Which movies are your favorites? Why?

My favorite movies tend to be comedies with a lot of heart and a powerful message.

10. Where do you look for inspiration for your films?

I start from what feeling I'm looking to achieve and then find references in films I like that made me feel that way then analyze why, was is the camera movement? Is it the framing? Unbalanced colors of the set? ect.

11. Which topics interest you the most?

Social issue topics, human emotion access, what and why a person behaved a sertion way or said a sertion thing. I'm sure that part is the actress/writer in me.

12. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

being able to make a movie from scratch, from the idea, to the script, to the filming and bringing an idea to life is a pretty cool feeling.

13. What do you consider most important about filming?

First of all sound followed by pre production passion and persistence.

14. Which film technique do you consider the best?

It depends what you are going for.

15. How would you rate current filmmaking?

Very highly! It seems like quarantine put a lot of people in a positive creative spin. I'm also a really big fan of the mini series trend going on right now.

16. What can make you angry in a movie?

Pointless sequels. Don't make a sequel unless there's a reason (other than milking the franchise for money)

17. Who supports you in your film career?

I'm lucky to be very supported by my family and loved ones in my film career. It is what I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember so no one was surprised by me not taking a more conventional or traditionally stable career path. I come from a "follow your dreams" type of homelife which I am so grateful for.

18. What are the reactions of your surroundings to your film?

 It is in the middle of a pretty successful festival circuit and being well received which is a good feeling.

19. Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?

We've been honored to take home the "No budget Spirit award" at Top Indie Film awards along with best actress and a nomination for best director. Ekin took home best male performance at Istanbul Film festival, MCL awards also received best actress in a leading role along with official selections at Venice Shorts,

One Shot Terrassa City of Film, LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV - World Cine Fest,  Lift-Off Sessions and Weyauwega International Film Festival just to name a few! Its been a really fun and rewarding adventure. Unfortunately due to covid they were online festivals this year but we have a cople more coming up in the future that might get to be in person depending on where things are at.

20. What are your next projects?

A feature film coming out, called Yucca Fest about a music festival heist in the desert that I directed and have a small role in. If you're interested in checking out the first trailer you can find it here: Trailer #2 drops on June first. And I also have a few shorts coming up I'm looking forward to starting pre production for.

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